Conjuring Max

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*Also in Four Tales – four shorts for one low price

The witches of the world ridiculed and rejected nerdy Veronica for trying to use these new things called computers to enhance old world spellcasting.

Well, it’s 1984 now, and Veronica has perfected her spellcasting computer program. And as usual, she’s all alone, with nobody to share her victory with. Probably for the best—the code is far too powerful and dangerous to let out. And hey, who needs friends when you can conjure virtually anything…or anybody?

When Veronica uses her new powers to solve a crime, she makes powerful Chicago mafia enemies. No problem: she conjures Max, a pit bull of a cop so dangerous to organized crime that they had him killed some months back. Who better to deal with the hit men who keep coming around than a cop like Max?

But tough-guy Max might be more than Veronica and her magic can handle—and he is in no mood to play lapdog to a gorgeous witch.

**This story stands alone. It takes place in the universe of Mr. Real a.k.a. While You Were Him but many years earlier. It first appeared in Fire & Frost.

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